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Lean Change ManagementIn my latest book – Lean Change Management – I tackle this important topic: how do you cope with and drive change that is meaningful and has a real impact? In it I tell a crazy and personal story of how one company went through a critical transformation, and how they used the innovative practices described in the book throughout that process. explain  how change was possible, and how they went from burning out on too many changes to meaningful change they co-created with the people involved in that very change.

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  • IMG_4534What Idiot Burns a Quiche? on

    The Agile community is quick to call out organizations for doing stupid things, but many of them are doing much much better than they think they are.

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.56.25 PMWhat is Resistance to Change? on

    There is a great deal of attention put on ‘overcoming resistance to change’, but what is change resistance and why do we focus so much attention on it?

  • agile-coachAgile Won’t Fix Your Organization on

    Wanted: Agile Coach with multiple certifications to walk on water… for UP TO $95/hour! Fixing your organization shouldn’t start with calling up one of your 8 recruiting firms.

  • gfz-errorBut It’s Not MY Fault! on

    Today my wife’s online calendar broke and I learned a great deal about responsibility and craftsmanship.

  • But that's not Scrum!!!Sorry, I broke Your Company on

    When it comes to implementing Agile, the first consultant or company is most likely to become the sacrificial goat. Then things will get better. Maybe.

  • release-wallManaging Multiple Team Releases on

    Worry about “Scaled Facilitation” before you worry about “Scaled Agile.” Don’t underestimate the power of well-facilitated conversations in front of big-visible information radiators.

  • main-featureHow Did You Become an Agile Coach? on

    How long does it take to become an Agile Coach? What books should I read? What courses should I take? Are those the right questions to ask in the first place?

  • IMG_0014Developing an Internal Agile Coaching Program on

    Working myself out of a job has always been a goal of mine once I started consulting. I don’t expect my clients to be complete experts by the time I leave but as long as they know what they’re in store for and feel they’re on a path to get to where they want to […]

  • newlywed-gameSetting Expectations between Team Members on

    Agile or no Agile, setting expectations is important for building a high-performance team. This exercise is something you can use to kickstart a team and dive into deeper conversations sooner that will help the team gel.

  • stc-notebook-pagesBetter Conference Swag on

    Myself and a crack team of wickedly awesome people are organizing Spark the Change Toronto, which will happen next Spring. This is a different conference. It’s not focused on one discipline or topic.

    This is the second iteration of this conference, the first was help this past July in the UK.

    Since this is a […]

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Lean Change Management

Lean Change Management

lean-change-yellow-coverLean Change Management is a collection of innovative ideas and practices for managing organizational change.  I will be releasing this new publication in May 2014 through Happy Melly Express.

Agile Transformation

safari_books_logo-300x196Is Agile a mindset or a set of processes?  Ask 10 people and you'll get 10 different answers.  This video series will help you discover  effective practices for managing work and people within the constraints of your organization.