Event Details

I’ll be running a Lean Startup workshop for University of Waterloo students as part of the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) program.

This workshop is an introduction to the Lean Start-up method so you can understand another perspective for how to build a business by focusing on understanding and developing your customers first.

This 3 hour workshop is one-quarter lecture and three-quarters hands on. Students will learn what the Lean Start-up method is, stories of how I failed and succeeded with it and then together we’ll work on the your ideas to help you come up with you first MVP or at the very least a list of experiments you can start running immediately.

If you’re interested in running this workshop, contact me.  Need more incentive? Check out the feedback from the Silicon Halton Lean Startup workshop I ran in April 2012.  The workshop at Waterloo is for students only.