Lean Change Management

lcm-squareLean Change Management is a book about how to apply modern practices, like Agile, Lean and Lean Startup to organizational change. Linear, and step-by-step models are no longer equipped to help change agents facilitate change in today’s world.
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Shoot for “Ha”

Shoot for “Ha”

Thanks to the jet lag from my recent trip I’ve been waking up around 4am every morning for the last few days. That means it’s coffee time extra early! After a particular revolting cup of coffee from the convenient pod machine, enough was enough. I set out... read more
But We’re Different

But We’re Different

“But we can’t do that!! It’ll NEVER work here…we’re different!” We spend too much time focus on resistance and not enough time magnifying a movement when organizations adopt Agile. Here’s a simple technique you can use to navigate the mess that is organizational change.

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