Experimenting with Lean Change

January 9, 11:00 am —
February 13, 6:00 pm EST
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Ended on January 9
Jason Little
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We desperately want to be able to predict the future to ensure successful change. I think of change as a series of small experiments that are designed with intent. In this Lean Change Experiential Workshop you'll learn how to formulate change experiments and interventions with intent.

What You'll Get

All attendees who successfully complete this workshop will receive a Virtual Explorer and Experimenter digital credential.

Perhaps more importantly, you'll craft and execute your change experiments in the workshop where you'll have the opportunity to get input and feedback from your peers.

How it Works

  1. 1) You'll get access to our self-study material to learn the theory and to access downloads and other material.
  2. 2) Week 1: We'll start with your current change challenge and immediately start using Lean Change to help you figure out how to overcome your challenge.
  3. 3) Each subsequent week we'll explore a variety of Lean Change Ideas and actively work on crafting Experiments that you'll be able use right away:

Session Schedule:

Each Monday at 11am EST starting on Monday January 9, 2023 for five consecutive weeks. One month after our last session, we'll have a lean coffee session to see how your experiments are progressing. Sessions are 75 minutes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to apply Lean Change in complex environments
  • How to craft well-timed, and impactful experiments that nudge change forward
  • How to use a mix of diagnostics and measurements to demonstrate progress
  • How to use Lean Change within the constraints of your existing change framework
  • How to recognize when to swim with the organizational currents, and when to swim against them

This Experience is for you if...

  • You value action over theory
  • You want real, practical ideas and tools that make a difference
  • You want to be able to safely craft and scenario-test your change experiments before trying them in the real world

Course Modules:

  • What is Lean Change Management: Learn the fundamentals of the LCM Engine
  • Agile and Change Management: Explore a values and principles approach to change
  • Alignment: Tools & ideas to think of creating alignment to change as a continual action, not a one-and-done-phase
  • Experiments: How to craft change experiments
  • Measurements: The difference between diagnostics (leading indicators) and measurements (lagging indicators)

Class size is limited to 8 people so we have enough time to go into the right amount of depth for each attendee. You can think of this experience as one part training, and one part coaching.

Other Goodies

  • Copy of Lean Change Management and Change Agility
  • Access to the Lean Change Event Hub
  • Sessions will be recorded for attendees only
  • Miro boards to create and track your experiments
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