A Return to Normal?

June 18, 5:30 pm—7:00 pm EDT
Jason Little
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As I write this, the meetup over a couple of months away. Who knows what’ll happen by then. Will we return to normal? Will we still be in lockdown? We can speculate, but no one can say they know the answer. Humans are fantastic at filling in holes when faced with unknowns and in a pre-Covid world many change agents would wonder how to make change stick, or why their organizations and clients ‘fall back into the old way’.

But do we ever ‘fall back on the old way?’ Is it even possible to revert to a previous organizational state? All changes, no matter how small elevate us to a new status quo. It might not be the one YOU want as a change agent, but it is different. In this session we’ll look a little deeper into continual evolution and what a ‘return to normal’ might, and might not, look like.

This is being hosted by the Business Agility Gauteng group.

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