Winter 2019 Virtual Cohort

November 11, 2019 10:00 am —
November 12, 2019 6:00 pm EST
Change Innovator
Ended on November 18, 2019
Jason Little
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***This is a virtual cohort program. Bi-Weekly Lean Coffee Calls begin on Monday November 11 at 9am EST***

As a change agent, I’m sure you’ve experienced how difficult it can be to introduce change into an organization. That could mean you’re an Agile Coach or Scrum Master tasked with introducing Agile, and it can also mean you’re a Change Management Professional who is looking for more effective ways to develop and execute change programs.

This virtual cohort is based on the 2-day Lean Change Agent Workshop. Based on the book Lean Change Management, this virtual workshop is designed to help you discover more effective practices for introducing and facilitating change in your organization. You’ll learn by doing, not by reading PowerPoint slides! You’ll hear real stories about how to apply better, innovative practices to managing change.

This virtual workshop includes 6 modules, 12+ hours of content, downloadable templates and homework exercises.

Important Details:

  1. Bi-weekly Lean Coffee sessions start Monday November 11 at 9am EST (sessions are recorded)
  2. Class size is limited to 6 for a more intimate experience
  3. All content is unlocked so you can progress at your own pace
  4. Bi-weekly calls are topical in nature so there will be 1 introductory call followed by 1 call for each of the 6 modules

Topics covered:

  1. What Lean Change Management is, how it's different, and how to adapt it to your context
  2. Reframing Change Resistance as Response to Change
  3. How to use and create fit-for-purpose, lightweight planning tools, such as Change Canvases, Perspective Mapping and more
  4. How to manage change programs by using Agile practices
  5. Visual Change Management
  6. How to use Agile values and principles to lead change at any level
  7. How to blend practices from Lean Startup, Agile, Lean, Change Management and Organizational Development to create your own contextualized approach to change.

What to expect

  1. we work on real-life problems in a safe environment so you can practice these techniques before returning to your organization
  2. you'll get access to a private slack and community site with more goodies to help you along your path to modernizing your approach to change.

Who Attends

Since 2014, over 2000 people have attended this workshop worldwide. This workshop has been held in over 22 countries and many attendees are able to implement these practices right away.

Agile Coaches, Change Managers (internal and external), and employees tasked with making positive change in their organizations, or with their clients is the typical audience.

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