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Management 3.0
This course is targeted at leaders including executives, managers, team leads and team members who want to understand how to improve their organization.  During this 2-day workshop you’ll learn how to energize people and empower teams as well as grow the structure of your organization through a series of lecture and hands-on activities.  After this course you will gain clarity about how you can improve your organization using a wide variety of tools, mental models and practices.

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Lean Startup Workshops
Lean Startup is a methodology that focuses on validating your customer demand before going too far down the path of development of your products and services.  In this half-day or full-day workshop you’ll learn what Lean Startup is, how to design your experiments in order to build your MVP (minimum viable product) and how to validate demand.  I offer this workshop at Universities and Colleges as well as organizations who don’t consider themselves a startup.

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