What it means to be Agile

I remember when I first started learning about Agile, and Scrum in particular, it seemed that everyone had a different interpretation of what it was.  Some folks consider it religion, some folks find Agile is an excuse to not plan or they simply don’t know how to plan so ‘being Agile’ seems like an easy way out.

Baptism by fire and blogs filled with wrong information wasn’t going anyway quick so I figured it was time for some training.  After I finished my CSM, it was pretty clear that Scrum is easy, but implementing Scrum is really hard.

There are some great articles out there about Agile but Travis Birch from Berteig Consulting posted an excellent article on what it means to be Agile. Some people think the ‘art of possible’ and other Scrum mantra can sound a bit hokey at times, but it really is a big shift in mindset to use Agile/Scrum effectively and Travis’ post is one of the best written posts I’ve read that summarizes what Agile is.