3 Reasons You “Should Just” Go to PSL

PSL 2012 is coming up in May this year, I had the pleasure of attending last year and it was a life-changing experience.  Here’s 3 reasons why you ‘should just’ go.

  1. You’ll learn to stop saying “should” and “just”: I worked with a company that had a problem with too many bugs.  When a doozy would pop-up the usual all-hands-on-deck emergency meeting happened.  The output was “we should do X to make Y not happen again”.  Everybody nodded and felt great about this new epiphany!  Shame nothing actually got done.  When you say “we should do X” you remove all sense of responsibility on you and everybody else.  It’s an action-less modal verb.  I “just” thought this point would be valuable.  Did you feel the power of this paragraph dissipate?  “I just through this point…” means I have no confidence in what I “just” said.  Stop saying “should” and “just”.  PSL will help you figure out how.
  2. You’ll become more self-aware: Self-awareness leads to improvement.  I had many of my patterns reflected back to me during the week and PSL gave me many tools to figure out how to recognize those patterns and more importantly how to work on fixing them.  Other people aren’t the problem, understand how you intake and process information and you’ll be much more self-aware.
  3. You’ll learn how to spot problems: Well duh, it’s called PROBLEM SOLVING LEADERSHIP, what did you expect?  Seriously though, I get criticized for being too negative because I do not, nor will I ever, accept the status quo.  PSL taught me how to do this, diplomatically and brutally.  I usually prefer the brutal truth yet I realize the need for telling the kinder truth sometimes.  If you cannot challenge the status quo and treat every problem as it’s own unique set of circumstances, (which they are, but generally humans use that as an excuse to not dig deeper “oh, it was an anomaly…it won’t happen again”), you’ll struggle with developing a problem solving attitude in your organization and you’ll be doomed to mediocrity.
  4. You’ll Have Fun!!! PSL was a blast!  Intense learning, strong relationships were formed with people I never met before and it was extremely fun!  I do have another problem though.  The title of this post says ‘3 Reasons’, yet I have listed 4.  How can I solve this problem?  😉

PSL will sell out fast, go sign-up now!