Is Change Harder on the Change Agent?

Since I’m sitting on a train on my way to Coach Camp I figured I’d blog my lightening talk! If you’re at Coach Camp, I’d love if you could read these few paragraphs for me:

As a coach or change agent, Have you noticed ‘change fatigue’ syndrome? Are people in your org confused about why they’re being asked to behave differently? Do you find people resistant to change?

How do you know if they are really suffering from change fatigue or if it’s your perception of their reality?

As a change agent, you are reading the system and reacting to what’s happening, often you have a rough plan in place about how to bring the change in and from my experience, that plan goes out the window pretty quickly.

I have a simple exercise that I have planned in my mind, and never tried, to help change agents understand how they progress through change and how that can manifest itself outwards.

Sometimes your desire can help your client progress, other times you can cause un-intentional damage by losing awareness of your natural bias’ and how you process change.

Join me tomorrow for an experimental exercise !

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