Quality Assurance Must Die!!

I’ve been thinking for a while (and so have many others) that Quality Assurance as we know it in today’s software organizations needs to die.  After-that-fact, assembly-line style ‘inspection’ to ‘ensure’ quality makes no sense.

So I tweeted out to see if anyone would attend a talk titled “Quality Assurance Must Die!!” and here were the responses:


So it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Here’s a couple of preliminary overviews, what do you think?

Less Abrasive Version:

“The incumbent will be responsible to ensure quality”.  I wish I was joking but that’s the actual line from a job description I saw for a “Quality Assurance Specialist”.  When will the software industry learn?  Inspection after-the-fact makes no sense.  None.  Quality Assurance as we know it in today’s organizations must die if want to improve our software and lives of the people making it.  In this talk we’ll play a fun game that shows why after-the-fact inspection makes no sense and how to kill Quality Assurance in your organization so you can make quality software.

More Abrasive Version

QA after-the-fact is nonsense and it’s disrespectful to the people who are abused daily in today’s software organizations.  Quality Assurance, Quality Management and the like have no place in today’s software organizations….unless you like delivering crap.  QA is not the gatekeeper of quality and the management stance towards “QA”, with respect to software, belongs in a 1950’s manufacturing plant.  In this interactive session, we’ll explore the science behind why QA after-the-fact makes no sense and how to kill it in your organization.  Will it be easy to kill?  No.  Will you be offended by this session?  Probably.  Do you care enough to change your organization?  Only you can answer that one.

Would you come see a session like this?  Which version do you like better?  Vote!

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