Why We Still Need Agile

free-hugs-600wI’ve taken “Agile” to the woodshed quite a bit over the last few years. I’ve grown tired of the “doing vs being” nonsense, and the methodology bigots, and all the cutesy slogans and fads.

But we still need it.

We still need a thing for people in organizations to latch onto in order to discover more effective ways to manage work and people.  We still need a thing  to google when we need a solution to a problem we can’t quite put our finger on.

We still need a thing that will trigger people to think about their work, instead of blindly doing it.

Most importantly, we still need a thing that we can poke at, pick apart, challenge and question so new things can be created or evolved in the hopes those new things will make working in knowledge more humane and rewarding.

Many, including me, have moved on from focusing solely on Agile, but we do still need it.

For now.