Better Conference Swag

Myself and a crack team of wickedly awesome people are organizing Spark the Change Toronto, which will happen next Spring. This is a different conference. It’s not focused on one discipline or topic.

This is the second iteration of this conference, the first was help this past July in the UK.

Since this is a different type of conference, we want to include some different (and useful!) swag. I don’t know about you but I have enough water bottles from tool vendors that I could use a different one every day of the month.

Without getting into too much detail, here’s the basic idea:

A notebook that makes taking session notes, giving feedback and providing networking opportunities easier.

Here are the mockups:

Each session will have 2 pages
The main area will have a big visible feedback and networking wall
The main area will have a big visible feedback and networking wall

Feedback Please!


  • 2 pages per session/keynote
  • tear-away feedback cards
  • peel-and-stick networking cards
  • fancy pen holder, maybe even a free Spark the Change pen! A good one too.
  • bound notebook with conference logo on the outside

I have a bunch of benefits I think this swag will bring to organizers, speakers and attendees, but instead of stating that, I’d love if you could fill out this short, 4 question survey.