Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path

I am tremendously excited to be part of Dev Training in Tallinn, Estonia.  Throughout early 2012, Dev Training is bringing together the world’s premier software development practitioners for all sorts of Agile training from TDD to Agile Adoption.


There’s a difference between Agile Transformation and Agile Adoption.  Organizations are complex adaptive systems which makes change difficult.  You’ll hear phrases like “one size Agile doesn’t fit all” and “change is hard”.   In this 2-day workshop you will learn tangible reasons why this is the case and what you can do about it.

Course description:

On the surface, people can be perceived as resistant when their organization decides to implement Agile.  I’ve worked in organizations where people are labelled as resistors or worse yet, labelled as “the people who don’t get it”.  The reality is, people go through change at different rates and intensities, some people will adjust quickly, others may fear the change and be perceived as being resistant.  In this course you will learn reasons why this occurs and more importantly what to do about it.

You will learn how to figure out what approach will work with each organizational culture type and achieve a higher level of understanding about how people process change.    Armed with this information you’ll understand the difference between  ‘Adoption’ and ‘Transformation’ and which one is best to start with.   In addition to what you’ll learn in this 2-day workshop, I will also be offering an additional personal consultation at no extra cost so we can discuss your unique environment and how you can use what you’ve learned right away.

Where: Tallinn, Estonia
When: April 2012 (Date and Time TBD)
Format: 2-day interaction workshop

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