Agile 18 Years Later – PDRC Deliver

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When we turn 18 we close the door on childhood and enter adulthood. You’re no longer a dependent for tax purposes, you can vote, and you can even run for office…at least in Canada you can. This year, Agile turned 18 and along with that came a slew of blog posts about the history of agile, how it came to be and what it has become. The ‘Take Agile Back’ movement, #NotMyAgile hashtag, and Agile Uprising has been shifting the conversation back towards the original intent of Agile because many believe the state of agile today is nothing more than a certification pyramid scheme and an excuse to sell tools and consulting. In this session, we’ll explore patterns of the last 18 years using data from all 13 Version One State of Agile survey’s and understand that where we are today is as natural as the evolution of any set of ideas.

We can choose to fight against the evil tyranny of the business of agile, criticize the latest buzzwords, or consciously choose to let our personal values and principles serve as inspiration to those around us, because let’s face it, who we are as people and our values have existed for much longer than the Agile Manifesto.

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