Agile 18 Years Later: What’s Changed?

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When the manifesto was created in 2001, Agile was called a movement. There were a few books, no conferences, user groups and millions of bloggers writing about it. Today, Agile is a business model and now there are thousands of books, conferences, and user groups all spouting conflicting messages about what Agile is.

8 years ago, Jason Little presented Agile 101 – Business Agility at Silicon Halton Meetup #20.   We’re excited to have Jason bring his wisdom and expertise to Silicon Halton again.

In this interactive meetup, Jason will:

  • revisit the foundation of why and how Agile came to be
  • strip away the buzzwords and noise that cause confusion in Agile
  • what has changed since the agile manifesto –  and why it still matters

You will learn:

  • how agile has evolved from a simple set of values and principles to a global business model (for better or worse!)
  • what’s the latest trend in agile
  • how the mainstream business world realized agile isn’t limited to IT

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