Agile 2012 – Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path

Event Details

I am utterly speechless to be pair-presenting with Don Gray at Agile 2012.  Don has been a tremendous influence (in the best sense of that word) on me since I met him at AYE many years ago.

About Our Session

Considering your company’s culture when introducing Agile into your organization allows you to tailor your approach. Going even further, it’s important to understand the people in your organization, how they react to change and what role they take in creating and changing your organization’s culture. This experiential and discussion based session gives participants the opportunity to learn how to recognize their organization’s culture, and perhaps more importantly, recognize how to manage objections based on personality types of the people who may appear to be resisting the change.

More Information

Here are some blog posts summarizing outcomes from various meetups where we’ve tested this material.

XP Toronto – Nov 2011.  We discovered that people process change at different rates and intensities depending on their natural preferences.

People and Culture – Why is your culture the way it is?  Look to your people.

Mapping Function Pairings to Culture – From AYE 2011, mappings of temperament and function pairs to Virginia Satir change model and organizational cultures.

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