Agile + Change Management: Real Stories

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I’m happy to be participating in Change Management Review’s Virtual Summit on July 12!

Session: Agile + Change Management: Real Stories from Real Organizations

Description: The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 as a response to how processes for developing solutions had become bloated over the previous decades. The 4 Values and 12 Principles of the Manifesto helped organizations re-focus on what was important: The market, and the customer.  Change management is often perceived, and sometimes executed, as a control function and “making change management agile” is a completely backward way of thinking about how to make the most of agile practices for managing organizational change, or for integrating change management activities with delivery teams. In this session I’ll share with you stories from real organizations who didn’t make the mistake of “making change management more agile”, but instead focused on their purpose, why they thought agile would help, what they tried, and what happened.

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You will discover, learn, and reinforce how change management practices and principles are applied in today’s business world.

You will also learn, grow, and understand the business world around you from the perspective of well-known experts and senior change management practitioners.

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  • On-demand – attend when it is most convenient. You will have access to the recordings for one year after registration.
  • Curated – all the speakers have been selected based on many years of experience and research into who best represents the theme of the summit.
  • Global – the speakers are chosen so that the aggregate speaking team provides you with a global experience.
  • A Continued Learning Opportunity – you gain the opportunity to actively participate in a live facilitated global discussion forum to share learning and build global community.
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