Agile Management 3.0

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Many organizations are using management practices built on thinking from the early 1900’s. These practices were proven to work well for unskilled, manual labour workforces where thinking was separated from doing.

Unfortunately, these practices no longer have a place in today’s modern organization, especially organizations that are moving towards Agile. There is a new set of skills required to lead an Agile organization.

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Day 1:

Agile Introduction: For those who are just starting their journey into Agile, we’ll explore various Agile methods to give you a strong foundation for the rest of the course as well as how you can apply Agile practices in a non-software context.

Complexity: Much of what we know about management is based on practices designed in the industrial and manufacturing era. We are in the age of complexity and are quickly moving into the age of creativity where traditional approaches to management are less relevant.

Energize People: How can we find out what motivates our employees? How can we best create a working environment where some people love working in teams, while others prefer to work solo? We’ll explore how to adapt your leadership style to suit your environment.

Empower Teams: Empowerment. A great buzzword, but how do we do it? We’ll explore practices you can use right away to help your teams understand where the invisible electric fences are.

Day 2:

Align Constraints: Self-organization doesn’t mean chaos! Learn how to use situational leadership to put the right constraints in place.

Develop Competence: People love learning, learn how to foster a craftsmanship attitude.

Grow Structure: Software and project teams are often hand-cuffed by organizational constraints, learn how to create the right environment for success.

Improve Everything: Learn what Lean Change Management is and how to use to to improve anything in your organization.