Building Your Roadmap to Agility

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Your organization’s size, culture, types of products and services and industry provide insights into what approach is mostly likely to work in order to bring Agile in. Scrum guys will tell you Scrum is best. Kanban guys will tell you Kanban is best. Big framework guys will tell you their approach is best. The bottom line is YOU and the people in your organization need to do the work and you need. In this session you will learn how to create a roadmap to Agility filled with options that are more likely to work in your unique environment.

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agile-and-beyone-logoAgile and Beyond is a one-day event hosted at the Adoba Hotel in Detroit, Michigan.  Last year over 700 people gave up their saturday to spend with their peers in order to learn more about Agile practices.  This year will be bigger and better!

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