Darefest Antwerp – Lean Change Management

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darefest-logoVersion One’s 2013 State of Agile survey cites “Inability to change organization’s culture” and “general resistance to change” as being the top 2 reason for Agile failure.  Again.

The Agile community has been running into those two brick walls for a decade, and it seems we’ve learned very little about how to knock them down.  It’s time to change how we approach bringing change into organizations we’re coaching.

At Darefest in Antwerp, I’ll show you how you can combine the goodness of Agile with the goodness from the stodgy old change management world.  Armed with a wider variety of tools, you’ll be able to help your organization understand if they really have to “be Agile“, or if they only really need to “do Agile“. 

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