Harrisburg University Lean Summit Keynote

Event Details

I’ll be speaking at Harrisburg Universities Lean Summit, and delivering a 2-day workshop around the event.

Title: Rethinking Transformation


t seems that everywhere you look experts are telling you how you can ensure the success of your digital transformation by following their step-by-step guide. Most of what we know about organizational change is based on ideas that predate the internet. Today’s rules are different, and change doesn’t follow logical steps, or best practices.

While that’s not the message people like hearing, history has shown that the most resilient organizations are the ones that know how to play the game while the rules are changing.  Yesterdays plan-driven, linear and project management based approaches simply can’t handle the complexity of today’s world where anyone can start a company and disrupt an established industry.

In this talk, we’ll explore how to tailor your approach to change based on how change actually happens, instead of following a prescribed set of rules and methods that were invented in the same time period that the Iomega Zip drive was invented. That’s right, we’re entrusting the success of our transformations to methods that predate the internet. It’s time to upgrade our thinking about deep, meaningful transformation that braces us for the sometimes treacherous world of uncertainty we face daily in our organizations.