Lean Startup at Silicon Halton Day

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If you’ve experienced the favourable collisions that regularly occur during the short span of a Silicon Halton meetup, imagine the possibilities during a full day? Collisions are the probable introductions to other local tech businesses or professionals or ancillary tech services. These collisions routinely produce economic and/or professional growth. Can you afford not to come?

Thursday December 21 is our second Silicon Halton Day at The HiVE. Come prepared to do your work. This is not an 8 hour business networking event. Other than the SoloP2P group regular meeting at 8:30am, there are no other planned structured activities during the day.

About My Session

Lean Startup has been around for a number of years now and it’s helped people learn how to run a smarter business that can keep up with the pace of information and technology. At this talk you’ll learn what’s new and how you can combine Lean Startup with visualization techniques to run a smarter business.

I’ll be running a lunch and learn session around 11:30am so drop-in anytime during the day as I’ll be there all day hanging out!

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