Lean Startup Workshop

Event Details

I’ll be running a Lean Startup workshop for University of Waterloo students as part of the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) program.

This workshop is an introduction to the Lean Start-up method so you can understand another perspective for how to build a business by focusing on understanding and developing your customers first.

This 3 hour workshop is one-quarter lecture and three-quarters hands on. Students will learn what the Lean Start-up method is, stories of how I failed and succeeded with it and then together we’ll work on the your ideas to help you come up with you first MVP or at the very least a list of experiments you can start running immediately.

If you’re interested in running this workshop, contact me. ┬áNeed more incentive? Check out the feedback from the Silicon Halton Lean Startup workshop I ran in April 2012. ┬áThe workshop at Waterloo is for students only.