Agile and Beyond – Managing Responses to Change

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I’m happy to be presenting this with Andrew Annett at Agile and Beyond!

Description: “Bob, the PM is resisting the change. He’s not co-operating with the Scrum team and is still trying to control the project and the people on his team. We should escalate it to his manager to get him on board.”

Does that, or a similar variation, sound familiar?   Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did what they were told when Agile is brought into an
organization? Unfortunately people aren’t robots and at the end of the day ‘Agile Adoption‘ or ‘Agile Transformation‘ are MASSIVE changes in an organization.

You may hear things like “Agile is a mindset, we must shift our thinking and change our culture!“.   As inspiring as that sounds, it’s not useful to understand why people aren’t behaving the way you expect them to. People progress through change at different rates and intensities and there are models you can use to understand what resistance is, where is comes from and how to encourage the behaviours you want when transforming to Agile practices.

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