1 Day Organizational Change for Agile Practitioners Workshop

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Agile Practitioners groan when the mainstream community latches on to Agile being the best thing since sliced bread. Imagine how Organizational Development (OD) and Change Management (CM)  practitioners feel considering everything in Agile has been borrowed from concepts they’ve been using for decades!

Agile practitioners have been banging their heads against an already dented wall, filled with the scars of painful lessons from OD and CM. Wouldn’t it make more sense to explore what OD and CM can bring to the Agile community? I think most Agile practitioners are smart enough to recognize that Agile isn’t about Agile at all. It’s about change and your favourite method, whether it be Scrum, Kanban or any scaling framework are triggers for change only.

In this session we’ll explore simple, but not easy, practices for bridging the gap between Agile and OD and CM.

Register for Chicago Agile Day – $299