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“Stimulating yet lots of practical ideas”

“Great energy – info is directly applicable to some of our change initiatives”

“Amazing presentations: breath of fresh air to see people who are not afraid of the risk to change the traditional culture”

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Session: New Technologies, New Generation, New Challenges, New Approaches, New Possibilities

Abstract: The confluence of new social media, a new hacking culture, greater transparency, austerity, and a new generation of leaders has created a challenging environment for public servants. It’s also an environment of great potential, of new ways of doing things, and new ways of thinking. This session features myself and 2 other change agents who have provided new perspectives and energy to transformations in their organizations.

Each will discuss their own individual approach to change, the success they’ve had, and the challenges they have yet to overcome. A lively discussion will follow, aimed at reframing change and transformation, and thinking boldly about new approaches that don’t just work in the real world—they change it.   I’ll be talking about Lean Change Management, it’s use in the public sector and why the change management world needs to evolve to feedback-driven approaches.