Quality Conference – Fight The Good Fight

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I’m a business guy, not a tester and throughout my career I’ve seen “QA” as the industry whipping-boy for too long. Enough is enough. It is ludicrous for an organization to put the onus of quality on “QA”. Worse than that, it’s irresponsible to place the stress of “ensuring quality” on a sole department. From my experience the perception that testing is the problem when poor quality is observed is plain wrong. Organizations that deliver software are much more complex than an assembly line that makes toasters. There are many ways to fight the good fight and depending on your organization’s culture, some might work while others might get you fired. I will share with you techniques for identifying your organizational culture which will help you find a common language to speak to “the business” to make progress towards improving quality.

Join myself, Paul Carvalho, Adam Goucher, Declan Whelan and whole host of other fantastic people at Quality Conference!