Spark the Change Toronto

Event Details

This is Spark the Change Toronto’s 4th conference! Spark conferences have been held all over the world from Canada to Australia, all over Europe and India! Join us for 2-days of practical inspiration at The Ontario Science Centre!

Spark the Change is an event for people who want to change the way we work together in organizations. The intent is for ideas from all change-oriented disciplines to collide and Spark new approaches and action. This year, our focus is: Constructive Connection – Building a Resilient Organization through Networking. We’ll explore options for better interactions in and for organizations.

Normally advocates for change focus on a single discipline and ultimately fail to make lasting change. Spark the Change shows you how to avoid the traps and overcome obstacles by leveraging the whole organisation. Trying to introduce change can be a frustrating and lonely pursuit. At Spark you can talk to others who are working for change. Learn from the experiments of leading-edge companies. Hear inspiring examples and practical advice for taking action and overcoming obstacles. Develop skills and plans. And return to work ready to make change happen.

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