TAC Webinar: Organize Your People Around the Work

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Should we implement Spotify? Are cross-functional teams better? Should we DO or BE Agile? Should we apply Scrum? Kanban? ScrumBan? LeanBan? RayBan? 17 years ago when I worked with my first Agile team, Agile meant something. There were 4 books, no conferences, meet ups, YouTube or LinkedIn so you were forced to experiment. Nowadays there are so many conflicting opinions about who’s Agile is the right Agile, it’s damn near impossible to separate the signal from the noise. There is no optimal state when it comes to organizing your organization to work in an agile way, it’s all about which tradeoffs we are prepared to live with. In this webinar, I’ll put down the Agile stick and give you ideas, and tools to have more deep, meaningful conversations about how best we can organize our people around the work.

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