Lean Startup Workshops

Lean Startup is a methodology that focuses on validating your customer demand before going too far down the path of development of your products and services.  In this half-day or full-day workshop you’ll learn what Lean Startup is, how to design your experiments in order to build your MVP (minimum viable product) and how to validate demand.

I offer this workshop at Universities and Colleges as well as organizations who don’t consider themselves a startup.

Current Schedule

January 24, 2013 – Burlington Hive ( details )

Contact me to schedule a workshop at your school or business.

Course Details – Half Day

During this half-day session, participants will be introduced to the concept and terminology of Lean Startup.   I will share stories, metrics and outcomes of previous Lean Startup experiences in startup environments as well as non-startup environments.  Lean Startup isn’t just for software either, I will share stories of using Lean Startup in non-software situations as well, including using Lean startup for organizational change and for any business vertical.

What People Are Saying About My Workshop

What You’ll Learn

  • how to build and run experiments to expand your product or service offerings
  • how to fail fast and how to be ok with that
  • what are good metrics and what are bad metrics
  • how to use Lean Startup concepts in your organization to foster innovation

Agenda and Options

  • 30 minutes: introduction to Lean Startup
    • stories, examples and outcomes from my experiences using Lean Startup
  • 30 minutes: Lean Startup terminology and examples
    • lean canvas, validated learning canvas, 1-page change plan, metrics and pivot types
  • 120 minutes: hands-on workshop on designing experiments
  • 180 minutes: hands-on activities for full-day course
    • business model generation
    • applying Lean Startup to non-startups
    • validated learning canvas generation
    • Experiment design
    • Approaches to MVPs