LAG21: 5 Universals of Change

May 24, 10:15 am—11:00 am EDT
Jason Little
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Session: 5 Universals of Change

As much as we want change to happen in a logical and structured way, it has never, and will never work that way. Since 2014, I’ve traveled to over 12 countries, trained thousands of change agents, and visited countless organizations. I wanted to find out how people were getting stuck with change, and what they were focusing on in order to move change forward.

It turns out that regardless of organizational size or industry, there are 5 Universals for Change that serve as a compass allowing us to find the right approach, at the right time. That probably sounds magical, or invokes some eye-rolling, but either way, a path forward is less about the methods and frameworks we hold dear, and much more about our outlook as change agents.

In this session we’ll explore the 5 Universals of Change and take a peek at organizational change through a different set of lenses designed to help us find our way forward when we feel stuck.

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