Parade or Circus? How to Have More Focused Conversations

April 29, 1:00 pm—2:30 pm EDT
Jason Little
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This is part of Spark the Change Montreal.


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Session Abstract:

When working with organizations introducing change, are the teams you see confused and discouraged? Are they getting mixed messages from the array of internal coaches, external consultants and managers and stakeholders of all types engaged in large-scale organizational change? As change agents, coaches, Scrum Masters, and leaders of any kind, how do we build a clear and cohesive approach?

We need a good conversations that include all the parties working for culture change. In this lively session, you'll experience rapid structured conversations for alignment anyone can lead. It’s designed to expose reasoning, reveal assumptions, help you make sense of the current situation quickly. You’ll discover actions that will nudge your change work forward in the short term, without losing sight of the long-term goal.

Pragmatic collaboration - building cohesion from competing interests and varied strengths is the hallmark of Nordic culture. Join Andrew Annett, who will introduce an interactive dialogue game called Topaasia and Jason Little, who uses it from the perspective of Lean Change Management with teams, in turning what feels like a three-ring circus, entertaining but static, into a situation where we’re all moving in the same direction - with purpose.

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