“Jason knows what he is doing. He is a fantastic coach and very easy to get along with. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to Agile development and knows how to get the ideas across. He would be a valuable addition to any software development team looking to adopt Agile, Scrum, or Kanban as its development methodology.”

Michael Mariano, Business Analyst, PointClickCare
worked directly with Jason at Wescom Solutions

“I first met Jason when he was brought in to guide my team through a transformation to Scrum. Looking back, I now recognize how skillfully he introduced us to Agile concepts and practices. He provided education, insight and mentoring and quickly coached us into an extremely high performing team.

Jason’s energy and focus, and deep understanding of Agile and Lean, would be a boon to any company that’s wants to improve not just their software development practices, but their entire organization.”  

Shawn Button, Developer / Application Architect, Rogers Communications Inc.
worked directly with Jason at Rogers Communications Inc.

“Jason is a dedicated and dilligent mentor and coach. He continually focuses on delivering excellence and strives to do whats right and is a pleasure to work with!” 

Ben Hussey, Director, eCommerce Product Strategy, Rogers Communications Inc.
managed Jason indirectly at Rogers Communications Inc.

“It was absolute pleasure to work with Jason on a large enterprise project. His deep Agile knowledge helped the team to proceed in right direction.His great team-leading skills and his straight-to-problems way of thinking makes him a valuable asset of the team.”

Ritesh Gupta, Sr QA Analyst, Rogers Communications Inc.
worked directly with Jason at Rogers Communications Inc.

“Jason has a tremendous work ethic and “get it done” attitude. Combined with his extensive knowledge of web development and the Agile development process Jason is able to quickly deliver value to any organization he joins.”  

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable

Darrell Heaps, CEO
hired Jason as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired Jason more than once

“Jason is an excellent get-things-done PM. His no-nonsense approach improves team quality output and also gives a framework that people participating in the process know how they can best contribute measurable performance to the project. Jason doesn’t rely on process alone and he can adapt easily to attack new problems or to elicit a fresh point of view of a problem. Jason has been refining his Agile approach for many years and is well equipped to help teams of any size. He can bring Agile to your team or pick up where another Agile coach left off. Give Jason 6 months with your team and you will definitely see results.”  

Chris Vickerson, CTO, Q4 Web Systems
managed Jason indirectly at Q4 Web Systems

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