Management 3.0 in Winnipeg

Event Details

Oct 21 - 23 in WinnipegToday’s organizations are complex. Agile software development has evolved substantially over the past decade but many organizations still use the same management systems that were created and evolved in the manufacturing era. Management 3.0 is a an approach to management that gives managers solid and pragmatic practices they can use immediately in their organization to increase organizational effectiveness.

This special one-day version of Management 3.0 is part of the SDEC 13 conference  in Winnipeg.

Details and Registration

Who it’s For

Team leads, managers and directors.

Course Modules:

The course consists of 8 modules which takes attendees through complexity science and Agile management through to how to build a continuous improvement culture.

  • Agile Management: Learn about different Agile methods and their strengths and weaknesses as well as the history of Agile.
  • Complexity Science: Learn why today’s organizations need a new approach to managing knowledge work.
  • Energize People: People have different motivators. In this module you’ll learn how to figure out what motivates different people and how to keep people energized.
  • Empower Teams: Agile talks about “self-organization” being key for having success with Agile. This module shows you how enable self-organization.
  • Align Constraints: Self-Organization without constraints can lead to chaos, this module focuses on how to keep your employees from walking into invisible electric fences.
  • Develop Competence: Learn multiple approaches to developing competence in your organization and more importantly, how to measure progress and how to make it visible.
  • Grow Structure: Hierarchical organizations rely on complex networks of people to get work done, learn how to enable an effective structure.
  • Improve Everything: Armed with a strong foundation from modules 1 through 7, this module focuses on how you can apply these practices in your organization immediately.

What You’ll Takeaway:

  • Tangible practices you can use immediately
  • An understanding of what Agile managers do
  • A set of management workouts and reference material

About the Instructor

Jason Little is an Agile and Organizational Change Practitioner who has been helping organizations become successful with Agile practices since 2007. Jason is an international speaker and author of Agile Transformation: A Guide to Organizational Change as well as Lean Change: Evolving Change Management. Jason is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Practitioner.

What People Are Saying About Management 3.0

9. very good “Very knowledgeable about subject matter. Engaged and enthusiastic. Encouraged conversation and discussion. Provided many practical and useful suggestions. Made it clear that he would be available for follow up (personally and through materials) after the training.”
– Vicki Ledajaks,
9. very good “I Learned what motivates people which will help me to build better communication in my organization”
– Helena Jin



Course Schedule and Duration

This is a one-day version of Management 3.0 and it is 60% interaction and exercises with 40% lecture. Each module begins with problems attendees are wanting to solve. Upon completion of the module, attendees take away actions they can use right away to solve the problems they came up with in the beginning.