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The Only Reason Why You’re Not Getting Results

My wife and I were working on our monthly budget last night and were looking at where we could free up some dough so we could put more money aside for un-expected stuff, debt, vacations and so on.

Seems like every once in while we talk about the same ideas for managing our budget without anything coming of those discussions.  Sound familiar?  How often in your personal life or work life do you have the same conversations over and over again only to never realize the benefit?  What’s the problem?

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The Magic Agile Ingredients

weedsYesterday I mowed the lawn because I felt had to.  Our neighbours lawn company had taken care of their lawn and my wife was, um, re-enforcing her desire to have me get the yard-work done.

Since I’m on ‘vacation’ I wasn’t particularly motivated to get it done, but obligation was calling so I caved even though I would have much rather done just about anything else.

It was hot, I was tired and not motivated and ended up doing a really crappy job.   I didn’t do the trimming or weeding and took shortcuts to get it done as quick as possible and as a result, I now have some yardwork-debt.   Oh, there’s a point…wait for it! Continue reading