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Agile is Just Fine Thank You Very Much

Sorry Bob, I disagree.  Agile as a phrase isn’t worn out and doesn’t need to die.  The Agile community needs to wake up and start eating it’s own dogfood instead of smoking it’s vapor.

The problem isn’t the word ‘Agile’ and sorry Ron, the problem certainly is not that “people don’t do what we said”  What kind of elitist attitude is that?  The problem is the message coming out of the Agile community isn’t resonating with organizations that want to adopt Agile.  Organizations want to adopt Agile for a reason and most of the time we overlook that reason and jam a bunch of wishy-washy crap and a bunch of practices down their throat all the while wrapped in a message of “gee, you just don’t get it“.    While the Agile community has evolved and matured, “our customers”  largely have not.   The Agile community is full of fantastic forward-thinkers that have made huge strides in spreading Agile practices and I think the pace of that evolution has far exceeded our customers pace of understanding how to apply these concepts to their context. Continue reading

Are We Forgetting About Succeeding?

I had a great conversation with a colleague the other day about how “agile ain’t what it used to be” (fodder for another post)  and recently it seems like I spend a great deal of time either replying to people or having conversations about the proper use of “methodology or practice X“.

Technically I’m on vacation and since I don’t really consider what I do a ‘job‘ (read: I love what I do), I’ve been catching up on email, forums and other conversations on Linked In.

Is the Agile community sending the wrong message?  Do people just not get it? Why does it seem there is this overwhelming need for something to give the gold stamp?  Are Agile values and principles at odds with fundamentally how the humans behave?

Dramatic?  Maybe. Continue reading